Board game "Pie in the face".

An unexpected surprise for all children was the Board game "Pie face", which has already gained the love and confidence of many children. A game with incredible events sure to delight and cause a sea of laughter as children and adults. You just need whipped cream to get into the head of players. The cream is placed on a special platform, and the participants wear masks.

The platform spins, and cream into the faces of the participants. This is a great version of the Board game that will appeal to every child. Thus everyone can easily Board game "Pie in the face" for sale in online store "" at an affordable price.

Board game "Shark hunt".
children over five years old, ideal fun and interesting Board game "Shark hunt". This is an excellent option to bring together several children around a fascinating game that attracts the attention of bright patterns and unexpected plot.

Round the playing field is the main element of the game. You need to throw the dice and move the chips. In addition, a large shark preys on small fish, among which there are the chips. Players need to move chips so that they are not caught by the shark. The winner of the game is the one who left the greatest number of chips.ALLin1G-00001

Using a conventional battery alone is moving the shark and preys on fish. While players only need to throw the dice and move the chips. Exciting game will appeal to active and restless children. The game "Shark hunt" can easily be bought in the Internet shop in USA.

The Board game "battleship".

As before, and today does not lose its popularity game "battleship". Once it was only a piece of paper and pen in order to take part in the game. Available today is a whole playing field that will capture their bright colors, both children and adults. Now, to shoot down enemy ships, you need a special torpedo that can easily be run with a joystick. This game is sure to please, both boys and girls that love the interesting and exciting adventures.


For children and for adults, the best option is the legendary game "Monopoly" that does not lose its popularity. It allows you to develop thinking, memory and imagination. This is an excellent option for the whole family that will allow fun and to spend free time. Using credit cards can conduct cash transactions, for example, to buy or to sell factories, shops, and entire cities. This will allow the child to feel like a real businessman, as well as to spend your free time.

For most smaller and preschoolers should choose a Board game that helps develop memory, creative thinking and imagination. For children who are preparing for school it is better to opt for games that enable you to create and guess words, to combine different objects to count and solve logic problems.